Danamon v. Danamon

Back in 1997, PT Danamon International, a former controlling shareholder in PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, provided Rp155 billion in loan capital. But the economic crisis struck and Bank Danamon became one of the most affected banks. When Danamon International attempted to collect its receivables after the maturity of the loan, Bank Danamon was unwilling to make payment on the grounds that they had made a payment of the recapitalization funds to the Government. In 2011, Danamon International decided to bring this dispute to court. Until the Reconsideration (PK) stage in 2015, the District Court and the Supreme Court sided with Danamon International and ordered Bank Danamon to repay the loan capital with interest. Bank Danamon must also settle the obligation to pay recapitalization funds to the Government through the Minister of Finance. It was later made public that the South Jakarta District Court had issued a warrant for execution of the verdict in the middle of last year and in July 2017, and that Bank Danamon filed a lawsuit to make the court declare the process ended in peace. The trial continues to this day.

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