Our story began in 2005, when seasoned journalist, Yosef Ardi, launched his own weblog named Indonesia Today with the help of his college mate at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. It was a modest step that would soon gain the attention and following of his loyal Bisnis Indonesia readers.

Interest in the blog grew exponentially in less than a year from its establishment. Words on Yosef’s rigorous analytical articles and his strictly-no-nonsense signature writing style attracted large followings. It did not take long for Yosef to realize that he was onto something; that this modest blog could be the stepping stone to realizing his dream of becoming an independent news publisher.

After years of writing his blog on the side, Yosef decided to make his hobby his full-time job. Yosef resigned from his position as Bisnis Indonesia’s Head of Intelligence Unit in 2008. Soon after his resignation, Yosef took the Indonesia Today to the next level.

From a simple blog, Indonesia Today became an English-language, subscription-based information portal www.yosefardi.com that, in less than a year, attracted subscribers from across the globe. Today, yosefardi.com proudly counts some of the world’s biggest corporations as well as high-profile individuals as its loyal subscribers.

The success of yosefardi.com paved way to the establishment of Yosef Ardi Corporation, an information services company that provides bespoke research services and publishes news at www.yosefardi.biz.

Supported by a team of young talents working under the supervision of veteran journalists and world class researchers, Yosef Ardi Corporation aims to continue developing its craft and shaping itself to becoming the reference point for quality information about Indonesia.