Security Concerns & the 2019 Race

Several bomb attacks were launched during Sunday morning service in three churches in Surabaya, East Java on May 13. The death tally has gone up to 13, with over 40 people injured. On the evening of the same day, an explosion in a low-cost apartment complex in Sidoarjo was reported. Three were announced dead—two casualties of the explosion and one was shot dead by the police. The perpetrators of the Surabaya bombing have been identified as family members, whose patriarch is the leader of the Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD). The bomb the exploded in Sidoarjo also concerns a family, though the Police have not yet said whether or not they’re connected to the JAD. Both incidents happened just a few days after a terror inmates killed five police officers, seized their guns, and took over control of the prison in the Mobile Brigade headquarters (Mako Brimob) complex. Consecutive acts of terror only days apart from one another. With the 18th Asian Games and the 2019 election on the horizon, what can we learn out of this?

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