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On MCOR’s Cessie Dispute: Pre-Trial Lawsuit

Within the past two months, several events happened in relation to the disputes over the debt-claiming rights (cessie) involving PT Geria Wijaya Prestige (GWP) and PT Bank China Construction Bank Indonesia Tbk (MCOR). After Tomy Winata entered the dispute earlier this year, making it even more complicated than it already was, Hartono Karjadi was named a suspect by the Bali regional police in July 2018. After that, Fireworks Ventures Limited filed a police report in Jakarta against the board of directors of MCOR. Recently, Hartono filed a pre-trial lawsuit at the South Jakarta District Court against the Chief of the National Police and the Head of the Specific Criminal Investigation Directorate of the Bali regional police. The trial is ongoing and is expected to be completed next week.

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Law Journal: More on MCOR’s Cessie Disputes and Petroselat’s Insolvency

The disputes over the debt-claiming rights (cessie) involving PT Geria Wijaya Prestige (GWP) and several other parties is getting more complicated when Tomy Winata decided to be involved. Recently, the legal counsel of Hartono Karjadi told the press that Tomy Winata filed a police report to the Bali regional police against his client even before he filed lawsuit to the Central Jakarta District Court. In other case, the insolvency process of Petroselat Ltd, the subsidiary of PT Sugih Energy Tbk (SUGI), is also getting complicated as some of the creditors apparently asked the Government to terminate the company’s contract in contrary to the company’s wish.

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