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Toll Road Projects Update (2): Trans-Java

This year’s annual exodus for Lebaran holidays should be better with functional operation of almost all main sections of trans-Java. Families can save more time and money from congestions usually seen in similar exodus in the past. Slightly behind schedule, Section III and IV of Pejagan-Pemalang should be commercial after Lebaran because 100% land had been acquired, while physical construction progress already above 91% until last week.

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Revisiting Kendal Industrial Park

Most sections of trans-Java toll road are slated to start commercial operation this year, including the Pemalang-Batang and Batang-Semarang toll roads. Completion of trans-Java will likely leading to the growth of manufacturing investments from West Java to Central-East Java. West Java might remain the most attractive because of its established infrastructure, but higher land and labour costs might encourage more investors to see Central and East Java.

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Improved Connectivity Outlook

After two years of construction, physical progress of Bakauheni-Terbanggi Besar, the longest toll road (140 KM) in Sumatra Island, moved closer to completion. As of December 15, 2017, physical construction progress already reached 61%, while some sections are scheduled to start trial operation in the coming weeks.

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