The Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DJBC) is once again under attack. Initially DJBC was criticized for implementing the Regulation of the Minister of Trade in a reckless way, but the issue quickly raises other problems which have long been the subject of criticism. Some have come forward to claim their possessions which have been held back even after years without clarity, some complained about the unreasonable fines, but some are trying to ride the wave. In the middle of the mayhem, a Malaysian businessman, Kenneth Koh Kiek Lun, submitted a report against the DJBC to the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) on allegations of abuse of authority. At the heart of the problem is a baffling case of alleged supercars smuggling which had been uncovered since 2022. The case, interestingly, also concerns one Rudy Salim Gunawan of Prestige Image Motorcars.

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