The infamous Tim Mawar (Rose Team) of the Army’s Special Forces Kopassus, the team responsible for the kidnapping of activists back in 1998, has returned to the spotlight following the investigation report into the May 21-22 riot published by the Tempo magazine. Tempo’s investigation pointed to the involvement of Fauka Noor Farid, a member of the Tim Mawar, in the riot. In response to the publication, the former Commander of Tim Mawar Maj. Gen. (ret) Chairawan Kadarsyah Nusyirwan, who is now a politician from Prabowo Subianto’s Gerindra Party, reported Tempo to the Dewan Pers (Press Council) and the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Division (Bareskrim POLRI). Let’s revisit the members of Tim Mawar. Twenty years have passed since the high military tribunal II back in 1999 punished them for the kidnapping of activists, what have they been doing all this time?

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