The new ruling coalition is now comprised of six political parties, i.e., PDI-P, PKB, Nasdem, Hanura, Romahurmuziy’s PPP, and PAN. They are the majority in the House of Representatives (DPR), controlling 295 out of DPR’s 560 seats, or 52.67% of the votes. This technically means that the ruling coalition should be able to win any fight in the DPR, including the fight in the DPR’s ethics council (MKD) against House Speaker Setya Novanto, who’s been alleged of abusing his power by promising a favor to PT Freeport Indonesia. But the fact to the matter is that the new ruling coalition has not been able to show its dominance. This is mostly because the PPP has remained deeply divided and PAN is not yet supporting the coalition in full force.To subscribe please click here