“And so it is decided in this Consultative Meeting attended by nine Constitutional Court Judges, namely, Moh. Mahfud MD, as Chief and member of the Court, Achmad Sodiki, M. Akil Mochtar, Hamdal Zoelva, Mohammad Alim, Ahmad Fadlil Sumadi, Maria Farida Idrati, Harjono, dan Anwar Usman, each as member, on Tuesday, the twenty sixth of March, year of two thousand and thirteen, and read on the Constitutional Court Plenary Session open to public on Thursday, the twenty third of January, year of two thousand fourteen,” So states the Constitutional Court when concluding their decision on Effendi Gazali’s Judicial Review of the Presidential Election Law No. 42/2008. Based on the quoted statement, the Court had pretty much made up their mind that holding a separate legislative and presidential election is inconstitutional in March 26, 2013. So why wait ten months just to read the damn thing?

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