Oil Deficit Widens

Once Asia’s largest oil exporter, Indonesia has increasingly became an oil importing economy with widening deficits. In the first quarter 2007, according to my calculation on the latest statistic released by Central Bureau of...

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Trakindo to issue bonds

Giant heavy equipment supplier PT Trakindo Utama engaged with Sumbawa Besar Regency in the acquisition of 3% shares of copper and gold mining company PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara. In the meantime, is preparing bond...

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Bumi profit soars 230%

PT Bumi Resources Tbk reported net profit of US$80.2 million in first quarter, jumped 230% from the same period last year on increasing sales and margin. Bumi posted US$577 million sales revenue in Q1/07 or a 36% growth from...

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IPO to Watch: Darma Henwa

Coal mining contractor PT Darma Henwa plans to offer its shares to investors in the second half  (July the earliest). The company expects to raise between US$200 million to US$250 million. Who are the people behind Darma Henwa?...

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Politiconomics of Indonesia-Singapore treaty

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s declining popularity, including on corruption eradication that earned him landslide victory in 2004 election, increased quite significantly in the last few days, especially after series of “PR” campaigns from Attorney General’s Office (AGO) and National Police to prosecute fugitives hiding in Singapore, and confiscating their assets in the country.

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