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Palm Oil Journal

PT Salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk (SIMP), plantation arm of Salim Group, booked net profit of Rp353 billion in the first half 2021 against net loss of Rp378 billion in the corresponding period last year, thanks to higher average prices of palm products. The company’s sales revenues grew 30% despite slightly lower sales volume of crude palm oil (CPO). 

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The Economy & Commodity Windfalls

Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua are regions with highest economic growth in the country for the first half of 2021. Maluku and Papua grew 8.86%, while Sulawesi increased by 4.84%, significantly stronger than Java Island (+3.31%), Sumatra (+2.15%), and Kalimantan (+1.9%). 

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Nickel Journal

Nickel ended at US$17,701 per ton in London Metal Exchange (LME) Tuesday (June 22). While way below its peak this year, the commodity remains in a profitable range for most Indonesian smelters, where some reported cash cost around US$8,000 per ton. Strong sales performance of electric vehicle, particularly in Europe, continues to support nickel, main precursor of EV battery.

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Oil & Gas Journal

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures rebounded to above $70 a barrel on Thursday, hovering at levels not seen since 2018, as investors focus on prospects of strong oil demand. OPEC said in its June report that oil demand would rise by 5.95 million bpd this year, unchanged from its May forecast.

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EVolution Continues to Support Metals

Nickel closed higher at US$18,142 per ton in London Metal Exchange (LME) Tuesday (May 18), thanks among others to positive development in the global electric vehicle market. Copper and tin, two other important metals for EV battery, were also strong at US$10,465 and US$32,261 per ton. 

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Freeport & Papua Economy

Papua is among few provinces with positive economic growth last year, thanks to recovery of PT Freeport Indonesia’s gold and copper operations. Papua grew 2.32%, whilst lower than North Maluku (+4.92%) and Central Sulawesi (+4.86%), home to the country’s nickel smelters and steel investments. 

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Antam: Strong Q1, but lots of issues to settle

Aneka Tambang (ANTM) reported net profit of Rp630 billion in the first quarter of 2021 against net loss of Rp281.8 billion in the corresponding period last year, thanks to higher volume and average prices of metals. Still, there are lots of issues that should be immediately settled, including receivables from Bakrie Group and commercial operation of ferronickel smelter in Halmahera Timur (FeNi Haltim).

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Q1/21 Results: PTBA & ADRO

State coal producer Bukit Asam (PTBA) booked a net profit of Rp510 billion in the first quarter (Q1) of 2021, declined 2020, declined 43.9% from Rp4909 billion in the corresponding period of 2020. Revenue fell 23.5% to year on year (y/y), and gross profit declined 33.3% to Rp1.02 trillion. Operating profit also dropped 52.5% to Rp514.5 billion. 

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The FeNiHaltim Construction Standstill

State-owned (BUMN) mining company PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) has been constructing a ferronickel smelter with an annual production capacity of 13,500 tons of nickel in ferronickel (TNi) in Halmahera Timur, Maluku Utara, since 2012. The so-called FeNiHaltim project has made ANTM shell out at least 3.5 trillion rupiah from its own coffers and additional state capital placement. The project is supposedly over 90 percent completed, but it still can’t be completely wrapped up—the reason: electricity supply.

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