The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) conducted sting operations in 2021 and uncovered the case of alleged corruption in Kolaka Timur, Southeast Sulawesi. Among those arrested at the time was then Regent, Andi Merya Nur (NasDem). Andi Merya was named as a suspect in two related cases for allegedly bribing an official at the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Regent’s attempt to take advantage of the regional National Economic Recovery (PEN) funds is at the heart of the case. The parties in the case had been found guilty last year, but the KPK did not stop investigating as they found another entrance to a similar case. The inquisition begin in July 2023 but only officially announced this week. The KPK named four suspects including Regent of Muna, Laode Muhammad Rusman Emba.\

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