Eight provinces, 34 municipalities, and 222 regencies participated in the elections yesterday. Several polling agencies have released the results of the Quick Count (QC) they conducted for some of said regions. Today, we’ll look into the QC results of the 8 gubernatorial elections held yesterday.

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INCUMBENT: As you can see from the table above. Incumbent candidates lost in Jambi, Bengkulu, and South Kalimantan. But in West Sumatra, Riau, and Central Sulawesi, the incumbents won their second term. In the two other provinces (North Kalimantan and North Sulawesi) the people voted in a new pair of governor and vice governor.

POLITICAL PARTIES: The ruling party PDI-P won 2 provinces (North Sulawesi and North Kalimantan). PAN also won 2 provinces (Jambi and Bengkulu). While PKS, Democratic Party, and Gerindra won 1 province respectively—PKS won West Sumatra, Democratic Party won the Riau Islands, and Gerindra won Central Sulawesi.

INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE: The biggest surprise is the victory of independent governor candidate in South Kalimantan. Independent pair Muhidin and his running mate Gusti Farid Hasan Aman, according to the QC result released by pollster Indikator, beat the incumbent pair Sahbirin Noor-Rusdi Resnawan, who were actually endorsed by a big coalition of 6 political parties consisting of PDI-P, Golkar, Gerindra, PAN, Hanura, and PPP. That being said, the independent pair won with a razor-thin margin as per the QC result. We have to wait for the official count of the General Election Commission (KPU).

GOLKAR: Golkar is definitely the biggest loser in the 8 gubernatorial elections  heldthis year. The Party endorsed their own cadre in Central Sulawesi, Rusdy Mastura, as governor candidate, and Rusdy was defeated by the incumbent Longki Djanggola, who is a politician from Gerindra. While in seven other provinces, whereas Golkar supported governor candidates from other political parties, those they supported lost in five provinces (West Sumatra, Jambi, South Kalimantan, North Sulawesi, and Riau Islands). This is unsurprising given that we’ve predicted that Golkar would suffer a poor performance in this simultaneous regional elections following internal conflict that have deeply divided the Party into two warring factions (Aburizal “Ical” Bakrie’s and Agung Laksono’s).

Haryanto Suharman

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