Jenius, a digital banking application developed by PT Bank BTPN Tbk (BTPN), was immediately recognized since it was introduced in 2016. The various facilities and attractive features offered with its youthful image have attracted many customers, including me. At first, I wanted to have a Jenius account. However, an acquaintance had a bad incident and since then I have often heard and read about bad experiences related to Jenius. I personally afraid of all things digital, with the incident happened at the time, I finally gave up my intention of becoming a Jenius customer. Several years later, yesterday, a friend who is a loyal Jenius customer, experienced a similar bad incident. Her savings worth more than Rp200 million from working for a dozen years disappeared immediately after being trapped in a so-called “social engineering” crimes. I took the initiative to find out through social media whether anyone had experienced a bad incident as a Jenius customer. The response I received was shocking. The kind of crime my friend had just experienced was not the only record that Jenius needed to pay attention to. But most importantly, why do similar cases often happen to Jenius customers?

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