Over a year ago the Jakarta High Prosecutor’s Office (Kejati Jakarta) issued a warrant for the commencement of inquisition (sprindik) on the allegation of corruption in the procurement of coal for PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) in Muara Enim, Palembang, South Sumatera. The Kejati named two suspects in the case, one of whom is Kokos Jiang (previously known as Kokos Leo Lim), the owner of Sugico group. In August 2018, Kokos’ name was once again mentioned after it was revealed that Reliance Power Netherlands BV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Indian power producer Reliance Power Ltd, had won an international arbitration award of US$56 million against Prestige Capital Holdings Ltd, a Seychelles based Company and Kokos Jiang. The dispute between Kokos and Reliance continued as Kokos filed a tort lawsuit at the Central Jakarta District Court against Reliance and several other parties several months later. Meanwhile, the Kejati moved on with their inquisition and Kokos faced trial by the beginning of 2019. But despite the problems and ongoing proceedings, Kokos still has the energy to file another lawsuit recently against Reliance Power Netherlands BV.

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