The Buol Regency Government and Walhi submitted a non-litigation complaint about a legislation dispute to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights related to the issuance of forest area exchange license (IPKH) for PT Hardaya Inti Plantation (HIP) in Buol. They considered the decision was issued in violation of the applicable legal norms and overstepping the authority of the local government. The problem is, Amiruddin “Rudi” Rauf, the Regent of Buol, has rejected the request to obtain a location license for the Company which should be a must-have condition before the Ministry of Environment and Forestry can give the disputed IPKH license. However, due to overlapping regulations, the disputed license can be given to the Company. How can this happen? Speaking about the HIP, we certainly cannot forget the corruption case uncovered by the KPK several years ago which involving the owner of the Company Siti Hartati Murdaya and then Regent of Buol one Amran Batalipu.

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