Last week, the representatives of PT Aryaputra Teguhartha, a company with links to PT Ongko Multicorpora (PT Mitra Investindo Multicorpora) and Kaharudin Ongko (Bank Umum Nasional and former defendant in the BLBI graft case) announced their plan to file a lawsuit against PT Bunas Finance Indonesia Tbk (now PT BFI Finance Tbk) (BFIN). The dispute between the parties is related to shares ownership which has been going on for almost two decades. On May 16, 2018, the Company kept its promise and filed a lawsuit against the Minister of Law and Human Rights to the Jakarta State Administrative Court, demanding the Minister to annul several decisions. Two days after that, the Company’s representatives filed a police report against BFIN’s current and formers directors.To subscribe please click here