In January 2018, the Governor of South Kalimantan one Sahbirin Noor decided to revoke the mining business permit (IUP) of three companies: PT Sebuku Batubai Coal, PT Sebuku Tanjung Coal, and PT Sebuku Sejaka Coal, all are subsidiaries of Sebuku Group. Nearly a month later, the companies, represented by Yusril Ihza Mahendra, questioned the decision at the Banjarmasin State Administrative Court (PTUN Banjarmasin), the trials are still ongoing today. What makes the case interesting, and confusing at the same time is the information written on an article published by Tempo yesterday morning. The article mentioned another dispute related to an overlapping mining/plantation area between PT Multi Sarana Agro Mandiri (MSAM) belongin to Haji Isam and PT Inhutani II, a dispute with a legally binding court verdict.To subscribe please click here