PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk (ANTM) is at the edge of a cliff. Nearly three years ago we reported that the Panel of Judges of the Surabaya District Court granted the tort lawsuit filed by one Budi Said against the State-owned company. ANTM was ordered to compensate for the losses Budi claimed (Rp817.4 billion). Several months later the decision was annulled by the High Court, but then the Supreme Court decided in favor of Budi. This case is only one of several legal cases that haunts ANTM, including allegations of corruption. Far from media coverage, ANTM continued fighting against the court’s decision but to no avail. Two weeks ago, the Assembly of Reconsideration (PK) decided to decline ANTM petition. Budi Said, therefore, won the legal battle, but is this really the end for ANTM? To subscribe please click here