Hacktiv8, a “Bootcamp” school based in Jakarta, announced has raised a US$3 million Pre-A series round led by East Ventures, said the company on Wednesday (Jan 15). Joined with the deal are Sovereign’ Capital, SMDV, Skystar Capital, Convergence Ventures, RMKB Ventures, Prasetia, and Everhaus.

Hacktiv8 was started in 2016 by co-founders Ronald Ishak and Riza Fahmi, over frustrations of developer poaching that is rampant among tech companies. The company provides a solution to turn absolute beginners into job-ready web developers in 12 intensive weeks.

Hacktiv8 claims to have close to 8,000 applicants, but only a portion able to be admitted as they put forward quality. The “Bootcamp” model of the program also forces students to spend upwards of 10 to 12-hour days, 5-6 days a week, for 12-18 weeks, leaving only the best could graduate the program.