The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) named the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives one Taufik Kurniawan (PAN) a graft suspect for his alleged involvement in the case of corruption that has also brought down the Regent of Kebumen one Yahya Fuad back in the end of 2018. His trial began in March 2019 and revealed that Taufik allegedly received grafts not only from the Regent of Kebumen. After over three months of trial, the Panel of Judges finally declared Taufik guilty and sentenced him to 6 years imprisonment. Even though Taufik, senior politician from PAN, a political party led by opposition figure Amien Rais, is now a graft convict, it is very likely that he would still receive benefits from his position as deputy speaker of the House of the Representatives. Why continue wasting the State funds to pay someone who had stolen so much from the people?To subscribe please click here