Skyroam, a leading global mobile data technology and service company, has launched the SIMO vSIM app, a revolutionary mobile phone app that gives users instant access to affordable mobile data without physical SIM cards. While some regulators may be intimidated by new technology, Rudiantara, Minister of Communication and Information for the Republic of Indonesia, examined and recognized the benefits that SIMO and vSIM technology bring to the local wireless industry, businesses and citizens.

Rudiantara understands that Indonesia must adapt quickly to keep pace with growth. In 2017, Indonesia had 133MM internet users (+45MM vs. 2016), 91% accessing via mobile device, and is #3 country for time on social media. Fast, reliable and affordable mobile internet is an increasingly loud demand of the Indonesian people.

After an in-depth review, Rudiantara assessed that SIMO, powered by vSIM and the Skyroam network, could accelerate government programs, especially those supporting accessibility and penetration of mobile internet.

For its Indonesia launch, Skyroam partnered with Wiko to pre-install the SIMO app onto new Tommy 3 smartphones, so customers can access affordable mobile data without SIMs or carrier plans. Customers power on their phone, open the pre-loaded SIMO app, choose a data package, and connect! The launch of SIMO, expected to be on 200MM phones by 2020, supports large scale internet expansion to millions of Indonesians who are kept in the dark and out of the market today due to expensive internet.