PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources & Technology Tbk (SMAR) suffered loss of Rp386 billion in 2015, against profit of Rp1.48 trillion in 2014 as operating profit fell 52.4% to Rp1.02 trillion from Rp2.13 trillion previously. Revenues grew by 12% to Rp36.23 trillion from Rp32.3 trillion in 2014. Sales to domestic market reached Rp9.66 trillion, dropped 36.4% from Rp15.19 trillion in 2014. Sales to export market reached Rp26.57 trillion, grew by 52.9% from Rp17.14 trillion in 2014. Otherwise, cost of goods sold increased 18.5% to Rp32.3 trillion from Rp27.65 trillion in 2014.

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