The City Council of Jakarta (DPRD DKI), to this day, have not yet approved the capital city’s budget (APBD). DPRD DKI have blamed lack coordination on the part of the Jakarta Government (Pemprov DKI) for the delay. Pemprov DKI have more or less given up on trying to explain why DPRD DKI is taking its time. Whatever the real reason may be, DPRD DKI should be ashamed of themselves for not being able to pass the budget when it was supposed to be passed November last year. We heard that DPRD DKI could sign off on the 2014 APBD tomorrow (Wednesday Jan. 22) but then again, the Chairman of DPRD DKI, Ferrial Sofyan, was quoted in the media stating that he and his colleagues may decide to, yet again, postpone the passage of the budget until February. Madness! 

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