Soemino Eko Saputro, former director general of railways at ministry of transportation, has been sentenced three years jail Monday (November 28). Hatta Rajasa was minister of transportation when Soemino allegedly committed the corruption. This case is another good example of how political power works on the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

KPK examined Hatta several times as ‘witness’ in the case. Some believe in Hatta’s role in the case. But, some journalists friends commented like this: “Would be hurtful for the president to have his sons married to daughters of figures implicated in corruption cases…”

Hatta’s daughter has just tied the knot with President SBY’s son Edhie Baskoro (Ibas). Ibas older brother Agus Yudhoyono is married to daughter of corruption convict Aulia Pohan. But, we’re not going to discuss these marriages.

Back to the Soemino’s case. It was started with the discussion of State budget 2006, when Soemino proposed the procurement of 160 trains. In September 2005, Hatta chaired a meeting with Soemino and other high-ranking officials at the ministry. Soemino ordered his staff, Asriel, to contact Daiki Ohkubu, consultant for The Japan Railway Technical Service (JARTS).

In October 2005, Hatta invited a meeting to discuss the used train import from Japan. Attending the meeting were Hatta, Soemino, and some names from outside the ministry. They are: Agung Tobing, Dicky Tjokrosaputro, and John Erizal. They represented a company named PT Powertel.

(PS: John Erizal is now treasurer of National Mandate Party/PAN, where Hatta is chairman. Dicky Tjokrosaputro is son of Benny Tjokrosaputro, famous stocktrader. First Lady Ani Yudhoyono‘s younger brother, Hartanto Edhie Wibowo, was president commissioner of Powertel, who is now a lawmaker, member of energy commission. We will discuss them later on. You can also read our archives on Powertel)

November 12-15, Soemino, John Erizal, Agung Tobing, Hartanto, Hafisz Tohir (brother of Hatta, who is also executive at PAN) and Dicky Tjokrosaputro visited Japan with all costs taken care by Sumitomo Joint Operation. On January 13-18, 2006, Soemino from Powertel team revisited Japan with the cost of Sumitomo.

If you look at the sequence of the events, you’ll agree to raise the following questions:

1) What is the role of Powertel in the planning and execution of the train import project?

2) Why Powertel is not implicated in the case? Is it because the names mentioned above?

Hatta, as usual, dismissed allegations surrounding his brother. “His business is in the oil and gas. He once tried telecommunication, but only a brief. I’d be so mad if my family participates in ‘projects’,” Hatta once told Tempo magazine.

Interestingly, the names mentioned above are untouchables, including by KPK, which claimed itself ‘free from political intervention’. Last time we read KPK’s statement about Powertel was in May, six months ago. What happened since then? Waiting for new leaders at KPK?

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