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Witness for the Defense: Jusuf Kalla

Suryadharma Ali, the former Minister of Religious Affairs who’s now a graft convict, filed a Reconsideration (PK) petition at the Supreme Court last month. The trial began two weeks after that and Suryadharma still claim innocence. What’s interesting to note from the trial is the presence of Vice President Jusuf Kalla as a witness for Suryadharma. This is the fourth time Jusuf Kalla has attended trials of cases of corruption as a witness for the defense.

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Corruption Journal

After the long Eid holidays, the courts have returned to its normal working schedule. To start the week, on June 25, 2018, the Central Jakarta District Court continued the trial of the former Regent of Kutai Kartanegara (Kukar) Rita Widyasari and the trial of the Reconsideration petition submitted by former Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali.

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Artidjo Alkostar’s Retirement and A Series of Reconsideration Petition

Justice Artidjo Alkostar officially retired on May 22, 2018. During his tenure, he was known as the mortal enemy of corruptors, for he would deny almost all petition for legal remedies submitted by graft convicts. His retirement is not that interesting to be discussed, what is interesting is that after his retirement date, the Supreme Court received three petition for Reconsideration (PK) filed by three famous graft convicts, i.e., Anas Urbaningrum, Siti Fadilah and Suryadharma Ali.

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