Reform in Import & Privatization: Walk The Talk…(1)

“Coca Cola, Mattel, Cabot, Cargill have all expressed their intention to expand (facilities) in Indonesia, but requiring relaxation of raw or supporting material import…(they) don’t want (the materials) subject to lartas (prohibition and or restriction),” said Airlangga Hartarto, minister of industry, who is also chairman of Golkar Party, yesterday.

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Belt & Road Initiative in Indonesia (2)

Indonesia has offered investment opportunities in four provinces under the Belt & Road Initiative, including infrastructure projects (port, airport, toll road, special economic zones, tourism areas). To get better understanding about the issue, we interviewed Tamba Parulian Hutapea, deputy head of BKPM, on OBOR/SRF projects in Indonesia.

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Belt & Road Initiative in Indonesia (1)

Last August, China and Islamic country Pakistan signed a series of agreements to push forward US$62 billion worth of joint development projects spanning power, transport, industry, and services. In late November, however, South China Morning Post reported that Pakistan decided to pull out of the US$14 billion Diamer-Bhasha dam with China because it refused to accept the strict deal conditions. How about Indonesia?

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