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Verdict for Mustafa

On the evening of July 23, 2018, the Corruption Court at the Central Jakarta District Court read the verdict for the disgraced Regent of Central Lampung one Mustafa, who stand trial for bribing members of the region’s councilors (DPRD). One other suspect had been convicted earlier this month and the trial of the remaining two suspects is ongoing.

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Law Journal

The Corruption Court of the Central Jakarta District Court recently listened to the indictment of the two members of DPRD in Central Lampung, who are suspects of bribery. Several days earlier, the same district court registered a new lawsuit filed by two individuals against PT Duta Pertiwi Tbk (DUTI).

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A Week Full of Sting Operations

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) broke their own record last week after conducting three Sting Operations in three different regions targeting three regional leaders. On February 11, 2018 the KPK arrested the Regent of Ngada in East Nusa Tenggara one Marianus Sae. A few days later, the KPK arrested the Regent of Subang in West Java one Imas Aryumningsih. By the end of the week, the KPK arrested the Regent of Central Lampung in Lampung one Mustafa. All three regional leaders are participants in the upcoming regional elections.

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A More Aggressive Anti-Graft Campaign & The Shadow Economy

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has on Wednesday (Feb 14) arrested five members of Regional House of Representatives (DPRD), eight civil servants, and one from private sector related to bribery case in Lampung Tengah Regency, Lampung province. Mustafa, regent of Lampung Tengah, who is also candidate for Lampung governor in this year’s election, is also implicated in the case.

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