Debt Financing for CT’s Trans Corpora

PT Bank Mega Tbk (MEGA), controlled by PT Mega Corpora (Chairul Tanjung), booked net profit of Rp681.7 billion in the first half of 2018, grew from Rp568.5 billion in the corresponding period last year. Little, however, we know about financials of PT Trans Corpora, parent of Trans Lifestyle, Trans Entertainment, and Trans Media.

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Conglomerates & Their Banks

Unlike other banks controlled by conglomerates, Bank NationalNobu (NOBU), member of Lippo Group, reported 4.6% decline in total assets to Rp10.5 trillion by March 31, 2018. With equity of Rp1.4 trillion, the bank is still long way to join Buku III (banks with minimum equity of Rp5 trillion). Pressures in the property and retail businesses might delay capital injection from shareholders to grow further the bank.

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