Market This Week

Another steep decline (8.5%) in the Turkish lira on Friday (August 16) pushed emerging market equities lower and kept other world markets cautious, overshadowing hopes that an upcoming U.S.-China meeting would resolve concerns over trade tariffs, Reuters reported.

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Intermedia/ANTV Weakened in Q1

Intermedia Capital (MDIA), parent company of ANTV, reported 4.3% decline in sales revenues to Rp498.1 billion in the first quarter ended March 31, 2018. Competition in the media industry, including from networked TV and social media platform might have hurt ANTV, which is controlled by Bakrie Group.

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Weaker Q4 at Intermedia (ANTV)?

Intermedia Capital (MDIA), immediate parent of ATNV, booked net profit of Rp550 billion last year, dropped 14.8% from 2016, mainly due to significant correction in the fourth quarter. Sales revenues grew 13.3% to Rp1.99 trillion last year, but softened substantially in the fourth quarter.

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Corporate Actions to Watch

Broadcasting firm Intermedia Capital (MDIA) plans to issue global bonds worth US$ 300 million, equivalent Rp4.05 trillion, to refinance the debt of its parent company Visa Media Asia (VIVA). MDIA will issue the bonds, which will mature in 5 years, at a maximum interest rate of 10% per annum. The issue is expected to take place in March 2018.

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Revisiting ANTV & Bakrie Media

PT Intermedia Capital Tbk (MDIA), immediate parent of TV station ANTV, booked net profit of Rp393 billion in January-September 2017, an increase of 33.8% from the corresponding period last year. Visi Media Asia (VIVA), holding for media business of Bakrie Group, however, reported net profit of Rp31 billion only, crashed 68% from the same period last year.

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