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KKR vs Joko Mogoginta (3)

“What hostile take over? We didn’t buy more shares…” said Jaka Prasetya, commissioner of TPS Food (AISA), to rebuff a statement from CEO Stefanus Joko Mogoginta, who walked out from the heated annual general meeting of shareholders on Friday (July 27). Who controls AISA? Who will eventually control the company?

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KKR vs Joko Mogoginta (1)

It was a rare moment in corporate Indonesia to see the fight between shareholders in the annual general meeting of shareholders (RUPST). That was what we saw in the RUPST of PT Tiga Pilar Sejahtera Food Tbk (AISA), a food processing company owned by Joko Mogoginta and global investment company KKR, on Friday (July 27).

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