The Latest on the TPPI Graft Case

Towards the end of 2017, the National Police‚Äôs Criminal Investigation Unit (Bareskrim Polri) held a press conference to explain the progress of their investigation into PT Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indotama (TPPI) and BP Migas (now Satuan Kerja Khusus Pelaksana Kegiatan Usaha Hulu Minyak dan Gas Bumi — SKK Migas). And so it appeared that the Bareskrim had tried to put pressure on the Attorney General’s Office (AGO). On the second week of January 2018, the AGO finally said that the docket of the suspects were done but the AGO still did not want to move ahead with prosecution because Honggo Wendratno was nowhere to be found. The AGO said that the Bareskrim must find him first before the AGO could register the case at the district court. The Bareskrim asked the Interpol for red notice and raided Honggo’s house on January 24, 2018.

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