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Law Journal: Demands for Anang Sugiana and Fredrich Yunadi’s Verdict

On June 28, 2018, the Corruption Court of the Central Jakarta District Court held two separate hearings related to the E-KTP graft case. The first hearing was for the trial of the former President Director of PT Quadra Solution Anang Sugiana Sudihardjo. The second hearing was for the trial of Fredrich Yunadi, Setya Novanto’s former legal counsel. Anang was calm throughout the trial. Fredrich, on the other hand, still refused to acknowledge the content of his indictment. He even went as far as threatening the Panel of Judges.

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Update on the E-KTP Graft Case

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) named Setya Novanto’s former lawyer Fredrich Yunadi and physician Bimanesh Sutarjo suspects on a case of alleged obstruction of justice in the second week of January 2018. The trials of the two men started not long ago, and the the two men have insisted on their innocence. Meanwhile, as you may know, Setya Novanto recently claimed that Puan Maharani and Pramono Anung also received money from the E-KTP graft as per statements made by Made Oka Masagung. Made, however, officially denied ever making such a statement.

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Fredrich Yunadi and Advocate Immunity

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) recently decided to expand their investigation into the electronic identity cards (E-KTP) graft case. They arrested Setya Novanto’s ex-lawyer Fredrich Yunadi as a result. The public appreciated this move, but Fredrich’s colleagues have questions. They wonder how advocate immunity applies and they also question the reach of the law.

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