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Impact of Fed Rate Hike

Global investors have major concern on the development of economic policy in the United States (U.S.), which has set another (two times) cut in Fed Fund Rate in 2018 and a cut in its balance sheet (which grew from about US$1 trillion to US$4.5 trillion in only five years).

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Extended Drop on Market & Rupiah

The stock market and the rupiah extended corrections on Wednesday (Sept 14) as investors’ perception over the Fed rate policy continued to weigh on. Rupiah weakened further to Rp13,228 against the U.S. dollar yesterday while the composite index of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) dropped 1.3% to close at 5,146. Trading value for stocks yesterday reached Rp7 trillion with foreign investors’ net sell amounting Rp841 billion, cutting year-to-date net buy to Rp35.35 trillion.

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