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Last Minute Twists

PDI-P, winner of 2014 legislative election in West Java, has finally endorsed its own candidate Maj General (ret) TB Hasanuddin as governor candidate with Anton Charliyan, former West Java regional police chief, as vice governor of West Java. The party dropped popular candidate Ridwan Kamil, mayor of Bandung, following ‘roundtable meeting’ yesterday at the wedding of Hanindito Himawan Pramana, son of cabinet secretary Pramono Anung.

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Hurly-burly of Indonesian Politics

Political parties are scrambling to select candidates and strengthen their power bases ahead of 2019 legislative and presidential elections through coalitions in this year’s simultaneous regional elections. Unlike coalitions at the national level, we see unsurprising coalitions between PDI-P and Gerindra or PDI-P and PKS, competition between Golkar and PDI-P or between PDI-P and other members of the ruling coalition at the national level because these coalitions are not established on ideological grounds.

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