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Corruption Investigation in South Sumatera & The Politics

The South Jakarta District Court recently rejected another pre-trial petition filed by Boyamin Saiman’s MAKI (an NGO claiming itself an anti-corruption fighter). This time, MAKI filed the pre-trial againts the Attorney General’s Office (AGO), which is suspected for terminating the investigation and inquisition into the case of corruption in South Sumatera. MAKI insisted that the suspicion was based on the fact that the last time the AGO announced they had entered a new inquisition stage was back in 2017 and since then the institution reported no progress. The case in question is the alleged involvement of Alex Noerdin, governor of South Sumatra province, who is also leader of Golkar Party. Until today, the court had convicted two person but leaves so many questions.

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More from the Bank Century Case

On April 9, 2018, the South Jakarta District Court read a surprising verdict in response to a pre-trial lawsuit filed by Masyarakat Anti Korupsi Indonesia (MAKI) lead by one Boyamin Saiman. MAKI demanded the court to force the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to continue their investigation into the the Bank Century bailout case and that’s exactly what they get. On top of that, the sole presiding judge Judge Effendi Mukhtar ordered the KPK to name new suspects in the case. This is an unusual verdict in a pre-trial proceeding. Earlier this week, however, the Supreme Court published the minutes of the Supreme Court Leader’s Meeting, in which it is noted that Judge Effendi Mukhtar has been transferred to the Jambi District Court, which have a lower classification if compared to the South Jakarta District Court.

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