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On E-KTP Graft Case: Pre-Trial and Related Disputes (Part I)

The investigation conducted by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on the case of alleged graft in the procurement of electronic identity card (e-KTP) during the period of 2011-2012 is getting more complicated after new problems slowly arise since early October 2016. After the appearence of PT Biomorf, a US-based company and the sub-contractor of the winning consortium, who claimed the Government owes them US$90 million, now another company in the consortium reportedly filed for a pre-trial as the result of a different investigation on the case conducted by the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police’s Headquarter (Bareskrim Mabes Polri). This series of article will explain the series of events and the people allegeldy related to the case.

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Biomorf & e-KTP Scandal

The government refuses to pay US$90 million of claim from PT Biomorf regarding the electronic ID (e-KTP) project, which is being investigated by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and might drag more high profile people. The government has also expressed concerns surrounding security of the data about hundreds of millions of Indonesians processed by Biomorf.

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