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The Chief Justice Race

The Constitutional Court (MK) is set to elect its new chief justice to replace Arief Hidayat next week. The election is important to monitor because the MK handles post-election dispute and judicial review requests. With the 2019 general election on the horizon, and the plan to amend the 1945 Constitution, the MK chief justice is no doubt the hot seat.

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Pressure on the Constitutional Court Chief

The Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK) Arief Hidayat is still under pressure to step down for allegedly committing an ethical breach. He sent a memo to the then Solicitor General for Supervision Widyo Pramono, asking the latter to “educate” his nephew, who’s a prosecutor in Trenggalek, East Java. Arief also met with the House Commission III to discuss the fit-and-proper test process, even though he was not officially invited to do so. Arief denied the accusation that he met with the Commission III for his own personal interest, and the MK did not find any evidence to prove the contrary. Several groups have been calling for his dismissal, and this is relevant in connection with the importance of his office, and his institution’s role in handling post-election disputes.

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The Chief of the Constitutional Court Found Guilty of Code of Ethics Violation

The Chief of the Constitutional Court Justice Arief Hidayat was supposed to end his term in April 2018, but in November 2017, the House of Representatives conducted a fit and proper test and decided to extend his term to 2023. Several parties objected to the decision. Desmond Mahesa of Gerindra even accused Justice Arief of negotiating for extension of term in exchange for voting favors. Last week, the Constitutional Court’s Board of Ethics found Arief guilty of a minor violation and he was thus given an oral sanction.

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