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Corruption Journal: E-KTP Graft Case and South Jakarta District Court Bribery Case

The trial of Setya Novanto, the latest defendant in the case of alleged corruption related in the procurement of electronic identity card (E-KTP), continues on January 22, 2018. The hearing lasted for more than 12 hours. The most important witness in the hearing was one Made Oka Masagung, who supposedly helped Setya Novanto and other parties to disguise various financial transactions. On the same day, the same Corruption Court held the last hearing for Yunus Nafik, the president director of PT Aquamarine Divindo Inspection (ADI), who was found guilty of bribing one Tarmizi, the registrar of the South Jakarta District Court.

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Law Journal

Rhe trial of Akhmad Zaini, the legal counsel of PT Aquamarine Divindo Inspection (ADI) that was caught bribing the Registrar of the South Jakarta District Court (PN Jaksel) Tarmizi back in August 2017, will end soon. On December 14, 2017, the prosecutors of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) read their demands. Several interesting things were unraveled during the trial, including Tarmizi’s claim that he had discussed the bribes beforehand with the presiding judge of the case. In another case, PT Budidharma Dibyaraga, the Company that operates the wellness facility chain Gaya Spa, filed a lawsuit against PT Hotel Indonesia Natour Persero on December 11, 2017 and demanded the State-Owned Enterprise to pay compensation of over Rp200 billion.

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