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Interesting Lawmaker Candidates to Watch (3)

We have noted some interesting names of lawmaker candidates in eight electoral regions (Dapil) in West Java, the most populous province in the country. Let’s continue with three remaining electoral regions in West Java and three other electoral regions in East Java, the second most populous province in the country.

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Regional Election Update: Java

The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has just released the results of it most recent surveys on three gubernatorial elections in the Island of Java. According to CSIS, the incumbent candidates in both West Java and Central Java lead the poll, whereas the incumbent in East Java is still struggling to catch up to his rival.

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Last Minute Twists

PDI-P, winner of 2014 legislative election in West Java, has finally endorsed its own candidate Maj General (ret) TB Hasanuddin as governor candidate with Anton Charliyan, former West Java regional police chief, as vice governor of West Java. The party dropped popular candidate Ridwan Kamil, mayor of Bandung, following ‘roundtable meeting’ yesterday at the wedding of Hanindito Himawan Pramana, son of cabinet secretary Pramono Anung.

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TNI/POLRI & Regional Politics

Police Insp. Gen. Safaruddin and Police Insp. Gen. Anton Charliyan adds to the number of police/military generals seeking to enter a gubernatorial election. Safaruddin, who is now the chief of the East Kalimantan Police, plans to run in East Kalimantan 2018 gubernatorial race. While Anton, a former chief of the West Java Police, wants to run in West Java.

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