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The Case of Palyja and Aetra: Updates

The dispute on water privatisation in Jakarta continues. Even though the case has been examined since 2012, and various court have decided in favor of the coalition and their citizen lawsuit, on March 22, 2018, the Ministry of Finance filed for a Reconsideration against the latest cassation verdict. This week, the coalition filed their counter brief, denying all points previously questioned by the Ministry.

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The Case of Palyja and Aetra: New Chapter

It has been over three years since the panel of judges of the Central Jakarta District Court voted in favor of the petition filed by the Coalition Against Water Privatisation in Jakarta, who aimed to stop water privatisation in Jakarta by PT PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (Palyja) and PT Aetra Air Jakarta (Aetra). On the stage of cassation last year, the Supreme Court decided to uphold the verdict. On March 22, 2018, however, the Ministry of Finance oddly decided to file for a Reconsideration against the Supreme Court’s verdict. The Reconsideration petition was filed only a day after the Jakarta provincial government cancelled the plan to sign a restructuring agreement between Palyja, Aetra and PD PAM Jaya.

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