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Millennial Who?

Those who’ve been following Indonesia’s political discourse would’ve heard politicians mentioning the millennials countless times. Every time I listen to them say the word “millennial” I wonder to whom they’re referring. At times, how politicians speak of millennials make it sound as if they’re referring to college freshmen. That would be a problematic assumption because the term “millennial” refers to several different age groups.

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Indonesian Students in Taiwan

Indonesian online news outlets reported yesterday on the news that some 300 Indonesian students were forced to work in a factory in Taiwan. A media outlet Taiwan first reported on the news quoting the forced labor allegations made by the Taiwanese politician Ko Chih-en. The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are still investigating, but speed in finding facts is important given that such news could end up being a dangerous fuel for politics.

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Not long after Ahok’s blasphemy trial came to a close, my Facebook feed became a running display of candles, Garuda photos, and I heart NKRI declarations. In between were angry rants and condemnations, some of them expressing concern of the declining tolerance level, others even going further as leaving this country.

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