Foreign tourist arrivals in Indonesia jumped sharply by 28,767.5 percent year-on-year to 510.2 thousand in August 2022, boosted by further easing of COVID-19 restrictions and intense preparation for the G20 summit later this year. On top of that, the government has extended visa-free visits for tourists from ASEAN countries and other 43 countries. The number of arrivals by air in Bali, the center of the Indonesian tourism industry, stood at 276.6 thousand after showing no tourist arrivals in August 2021; and those reaching Jakarta came at 121.4 thousand (11,237.7 percent). In addition, the number of arrivals by ship in Batam was at 59.8 thousand (40,000.7 percent). Tourists from Malaysia soared 519,522.2 percent while those from Singapore climbed 271,660.9 percent. For the first eight months of the year, tourist arrivals surged 2,028.7 percent to 1.73 million.