Airliner AirAsia Indonesia (CMPP) is keen to acquire Citilink, a subsidiary of flag carrier Garuda Indonesia (GIAA), instead of jointly work on the operation. GIAA on December 2018 proposed a joint operation with CMPP, along with airliner Sriwijaya Air.

GIAA otherwise intends to acquire 51% shares in Sriwijaya. It is now in the process of asset valuation, then to negotiating the value or prices. The evaluation will run for five years while monitoring the development of Sriwijaya Air.

AirAsia services flights to Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, and Bandung. AirAsia dominates international flights while Citilink focuses on domestic flights. The joint operation on flights would create an efficient performance, as the airline business has huge costs.