The consumer confidence index in Indonesia went up to 122.4 in September 2018 from 121.6 in the previous month, mostly driven by an improvement in the gauge of current economic conditions (110.2 from 109.2 in August), current employment (98.6 from 93.9) and stronger purchasing of durable goods (113.9 from 113.6).

In addition, expectations for the future economic conditions improved slightly (134.5 from 133.9) and job availability for the next 6 months is expected to increase (123.2 from 121.8). By contrast, current income is seen lower (118.2 from 120.2) and prospects worsened for business activities (131.7 from 132.3).

Also, inflationary pressures are expected to increase in the next 3 months (177.1 from 172.6), due to higher demand during Christmas and New Year, while inflation prospects for the next 6 months continue to decline (173 from 176.3).