The Indonesian government aims to add 250 MW to the nation’s installed geothermal power plants’ production capacity in 2018. Based on data from Indonesia’s Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry (ESDM), Indonesia’s geothermal power capacity stood at 1,808.5 MW at the end of 2017, below the government’s target of 1,858.5 MW. Although the production figure is rising, Indonesia only taps 10.3% of its geothermal potential.

By 2025 the Energy Ministry targets to have raised the nation’s geothermal production capacity to 5,000 MW. This year the figure is targeted to rise to 2,058 MW supported by the Ulubelu Unit 4 (55 MW), Karaha Unit 1 (30 MW), and the Sorik Marapi Modular (20 MW). Provided there are no natural disasters, the Energy ministry is convinced that its production target for 2018 can be achieved.