Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) reported that its loan write off jumped 138% to Rp5.18 trillion in Q3 compared to Rp2.17 trillion in Q3 last year and loan recovery increased 78.5% to Rp1.49 trillion from previous Rp834 billion. Corporate segment was the biggest contributor to write-off which accounted for 30.7% followed by small segment (24.4%), and middle segment (23.7%). The biggest debtors written off during Q3 were from plastic packaging industry (Rp411.7 billion) and garment industry (Rp67 billion). BNI expanded its coverage ratio to 147.4% in Q3, from 143.2% a previous year. BNI reported non performing loan (NPL) of Rp10.96 trillion for Q3, lower than Rp11 trillion in Q3 last year. The coverage ratio consistently increased to provide cushion against uncertainty econmic condition.