Steel producer Saranacentral Bajatama (BAJA) expects to book sales of Rp1.3 trillion this year, surpassing 2015’s sales. While sales in 2016 was lower than 2015. The production is targeted to grow 17% this year. The galvanize machine is targeted to produce 65,000 tons this year, saranalume 65,000 tons (2016: 38,000 tons), and color 5,000 tons (2016: 3,000 tons). While its peer Jaya Pari Steel (JPRS) targets to book sales of Rp211 billion and profit of Rp9 billion this year. Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia (ISSP) reported its sales and revenues increased 5.5% to Rp809.71 billion in Q1 this year but profit dropped 61% to Rp14.46 billion from Rp35.9 billion in Q1 last year, as other income fell 63% to Rp22 billion.