Tax revenue as of April 30, 2017 reached Rp343.7 trillion, grew by 18.19% from Rp290.8 trillion in the same period of last year. Income tax from oi and gas sector jumped 73% to Rp20.7 trillion from previous Rp11.9 trillion. While income tax from non oil and gas rose 15.8% to Rp322.9 trillion from earlier Rp278.8 trillion. Income tax from luxurious goods increased 17.05% to Rp119.1 trillion while income tax from land and building sector grew by 16% to Rp598 trillion. Meanwhile the value-added tax increased 16.67% to Rp68.8 trillion, of which import contributed Rp44.8 trillion value-added tax, a 18.95% rise.