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Food Cartel Case: Objections from Poultry Players

On October 13, 2016 the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) finished their investigation into to allegations of cartel practices conducted by 12 major companies engaged in chicken breeding. The Commission Assembly stated that the 12 companies were guilty. The companies are obliged to compensate the State (in varying amounts), but three of the biggest companies decided to file an objection lawsuit to the district court.

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Integrated Poultry Players: Wonokoyo Group

Shares of four integrated poultry players listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) have dropped significantly from their recent peak due to depreciation of rupiah and rally in raw materials, corn and soybeans. Still, this is an interesting industry to watch, given its role in feeding the world’s fourth largest population. In this issue, we discuss Wonokoyo Jaya Corporindo, one of the largest players not listed on IDX.

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